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                                  BONUS TOURNAMENT


Hey OEA Members!  I just wanted to let everybody know in advance that we will be having an open to the public tournament held on Konawa Lake on Saturday, June 6th.  The entry fee will be the same as our other events at $120.  Check-in will be between 5 and 6 a.m. and weigh-in will be at 2:00 p.m..  I figured we’d get off the water a little earlier than usual before it gets too hot and to also help aid in keeping fish alive with the water warming and to give everybody a little bit of time to spend with their families in the afternoon.  This will be once again an open to the public tournament, so the more the merrier.  This event is being held for a few reasons.  First and most importantly, we have at least one team as of right now that will not be able to qualify for the end of the year Classic on Eufaula.  This tournament will be a bonus tournament that helps teams to qualify that may have missed 1 too many tournaments throughout the regular season.  This tournament will not count toward the points in the AOY runnings, so if anybody chooses not to fish this bonus tournament, it won’t hurt you.  The Second reason for holding this event is because this will be an 80% payback event and the 20% being withheld will be used in buying more prizes to be given away at the cookout on evening 1 after the weigh-in at the Classic.  The Third reason for having this bonus event is to allow individuals outside of OEA to see the quality of individuals that we having fishing our trail and the quality in which we run the trail.  I am a firm believer that we have the best group of guys in Oklahoma fishing our OEA trail and I brag on you guys all the time to other individuals that inquire about our trail.  We are truly blessed to have such an awesome group of fishermen participating with us this year and I thank each and every single one of you and hope that everybody can make it on June 6th.  Please give me a call anytime if you have any questions. 

2015 Lake Eufaual Tutorial


What a tough day we had on Lake Eufaula for our 3rd OEA regular season event for 2015!  We had all been hearing how difficult it was to get the 14+ inchers to bite from everybody that’s been prefishing and fishing other trails…but dang I had no idea it was going to be this tough!  On a positive note, at least the weather was nice.  We did however have a few teams that kept their nose down and grinded out a nice limit of fish on what is by far the toughest day on Eufaula I’ve ever witnessed.  The team of Ted Romero and Jeff White came out on top with 5 fish weighing 14.12 pounds and won $1,750.  Great job guys!  Second place went to team Seaton and Seaton with 5 weighing in at 13.76 pounds anchored by a 4.66 pounder and won them a total of $965.  Third place went to team Johnson and Gilliam who brought 5 to the scale weighing 13.51 pounds and won them $320.  Fourth place went to team Roberts and Smith who had 5 for 13.09 pounds and won them $190.  Fifth place went to team Gardner and Mcdonald who also had 5 for 12.37 pounds and won them $160.  Great job to all the guys that put together a nice limit of fish on a day that was more than tough for everybody on the water.  Our next regular season event will be held on Sardis Lake on May 30th and leaving out of Potato Hills South Ramp.  We will also be having a bonus tournament sometime in June like we’ve done in the past which will either be on Konawa or Arbuckle lake.  This tournament will be a bonus tournament that will help out any teams that may not be able to qualify for the championship event because they missed 1 too many regular season events.  This tournament will be an open tournament which means anybody can fish it and pair up however they wish but will not count towards the AOY points.  This will be a 75% payback event and the profit made will go towards additional prizes at the end of the year’s championship event.  The entry fee will be the same at $120 per team.  As soon as we figure out a solid date and lake…I will let everybody know and it will be posted on Basszone and our website.  I want to take this time to also thank our sponsors this season for making Oklahoma Elite Anglers possible.  Please give Mike Hellack at Mike Hellack’s Chevrolet a call and thank him for his support and let him have a chance at helping you find your next Chevrolet.  Also a big thanks to Keystone Boat and RV storage and Simpson Chiropractic in Ada.  Please give these guys a call if they can help facilitate your needs.  I would really appreciate it if all of our members would call these guys and let them know that we appreciate their support, because without them this trail would not be possible.  Please give me a call if I can be of any assistance in any way and I’m always glad to help.  Thanks again OEA Members!












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