Oklahoma Elite Anglers

Well it was a beautiful day on the lake this past Saturday at Grand Lake.  The fishing was really tough even for the guys that did well…bites didn’t come easy by any stretch of the imagination.  But as always there’s always somebody that figures out a little extra something and pulls on through strong.  That team was McMahan and McMahan.  They brought 5 studs to the scale totaling 20.80 pounds anchored by a 5.55 pounder winning them a total of $2015.  Great job guys!  Second place went to team Roberts and Smith who brought 5 to the scale weighing 16.55 pounds anchored by a 5.90 pounder winning them a total of $1025.  Third place went to team Lemons and Pope who brought 5 to the scale weighing in at 15.50 pounds.  Fourth place went to team Adair and Rowsey who brought 5 to the scale weighing in at 14.50 pounds winning them $200.  Fifth place went to team Malone and Widowski who brought 5 to the scale weighing 14.45 pounds winning them $130.  There has been some big changes after this event in the AOY standings.  1st through 11th is pretty tight right now and AOY can be won by almost anybody at this time depending on how everybody does at Sardis.  Our new leader at this time for AOY is Team Robinson and Robinson and close behind is team Johnson and McMahan.  Sardis lake is full of giants and can make or break anybody in the runnings for the coveted Anglers of the Year status.  Sardis is in a few weeks on June 11th.  I look forward to seeing everybody there.  I’m planning on having our last bonus tournament on Arbuckle Lake the later part of June but will depend on getting a permit there.  I’ll let everybody know as soon as I know for those that are relying on that tournament to qualify for the end of the year Classic.

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