Oklahoma Elite Anglers


Hey OEA Members, I just spoke to the Okemah lake ranger and he stated that the water was going over the spillway and the lake is now closed.  Due to the last minute closure of the lake, we will be canceling this event entirely since we have no other opportunities to reschedule anymore events before the championship.  I hate this as much as you guys do since I was really looking forward to catching them this weekend.  This rain is something else…I’m soooo unbelievably ready for a little dry weather and sunshine.  As of this time, Hudson lake is still coming down and is open for fishing…as of right now anyway.  So, we should still be good to go for next weekend on Hudson.  I once again apologize for the cancellation, but there’s nothing I can do to change it and there’s no time for rescheduling.  Everybody have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing everybody next weekend on Hudson lake…hopefully.  Help spread the word of the cancellation to all your fellow OEA members that might not check the internet as much as the rest of us.  Thanks again guys.







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